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What separates a good product from a great product?
We are constantly surrounded by user experiences.
Imagine if each and every one of these experiences in a health care ecosystem were to be designed, or shall we say co-created, in line with the users' needs.
Safe Space Health app
Safe Space Health is an app designed to provide health care and allied health professionals of any discipline with an anonymous and moderated space to disclose their problems without fear of judgement and learn new ways to effectively solve them.
Precision Initiatives
Precision Initiatives is a revolutionary new model of personalized learning, assessments & leadership development. It has been conceptualized adopting person-centred, interaction, behavioural and adaptive design. 
A specifically designed innovative new Precision Framework emphasizes the curriculum is based on every leaner's individualized needs — thereby promoting ownership of these initiatives to be with the leaners themselves. 
We have designed a unique platform for these initiatives, utilizing interaction design and workflow automation, that eliminates resource intensiveness traditionally associated with personalized initiatives.
Covid Connect app
Communication issues between patients, their loved ones and health care providers have been identified as a major issue during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. 
Covid Connect app is intended to (a) help in overcoming communication barriers between healthcare providers, (b) aid communication between patients and their loved ones, and (c) enable conversation between patients and healthcare providers as per patients’ wishes. 
Behavioural Health Team
Using Behavioural Insights & Nudges 
To Optimize Health, Wellness & Happiness
Needs Assessment Surveys
Complete automation of needs assessment surveys — from design to analysis done for several key stake holders. Opportunity for our partners to see analyzed results in real-time. 
Let’s Build Something Remarkable — Together

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