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Precision Initiatives
Revolutionizing Personalized Learning, Assessments & Leadership Development For Health Care Professions
Shifting the paradigm in health care education and learning from "what is the matter with you?" to "what matters to you?"
We leverage technology to design customizable, cost-effective, individualized learning initiatives that enable personalized data-rich feedback, impact assessment, as well as competency and quality-based continuous improvement – empowering learners, increasing ownership.
Digital Tools For Curriculum Design and Delivery
We specialize in using adaptive digital technology to design, automate and deliver curriculum design, education and learning initiatives – increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
Digital Tools for Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership Development
We co-create digital solutions with all stakeholders and end-users on the same table, right from the start, to ensure our designed products lead to efficiency, effectiveness and meaningful outcomes.
Automated Digital Solutions for Systems and Service Redesign, and Quality Improvement 
Learning and quality improvement initiatives must fulfil not only users’ individualized needs but societal needs as well. Furthermore, learning needs to be lifelong and part of the system of care.
This can only be achieved by embracing enabling technology – to optimize the use of limited resources & ensure health system sustainability.
We can help our partners achieve appropriateness by designing smart digital solutions that are personalized and contextualized. 
Digital Solutions For Lifelong Learning
Our solutions are built adopting new information and education technology to design products that are just-in-time – promoting efficiency, optimizing resources and ensuring healthcare sustainability.
Virtual Health and Learning Solutions
There is a growing need and demand for health care and learning opportunities to be provided virtually, including, but not limited to, e-learning initiatives, e-quality improvement tools, e-health / telehealth, digital health, virtual care networks etc.
We can help our partners leverage enabling technology and seizing the opportunity presented with integration of health databases, to further develop capacity in meaningful data analytics, machine-learning and the use of real world evidence to inform clinical practice and learning needs.
Successful products are never made in a vacuum.
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