Applying Learning, Interaction, Behavioural and Instructional Design-thinking.
To co-create individualized, customized care, learning & leadership development initiatives.
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Personalization Design — shifting the paradigm to "what matters to you?"!
At Health District, we believe in evolving the existing traditional paradigm of how health professions undertake continuing professional learning and development — To a culture of learning that is lifelong.
The fundamental shift required in achieving this goal is to evolve the emphasis in learning from "what is the matter with you?" to "what matters to you?"
Framework of Personalized Learning & Assessment. 
Health District has co-created innovative new models of personalized learning, assessment and leadership development for health care professions, adopting person-centred, behavioural & interaction design principles.
Why Personalization Initiatives. 
Traditionally, continuing professional learning & development programs have tended to lack meaningful opportunities for learning to be individualized. 
Methods of learning employed are often didactic or labelled as "personalized" without any consequential input sought from the learners themselves. 
Such traditional initiatives have repeatedly been shown to have failed in facilitating professional growth, foster ownership of learning or promote well-being of the health care professions.
In thinking about how to improve continuing professional learning and development of health care professions, the most important experts — ordinary practitioners managing their own learning & wellbeing — are often left out of the equation. 
The Framework designed by Health District for Personalized Learning & Assessment has been conceptualized using person-centred, interaction and behavioural design approach, ensuring the curriculum is based on every individual learner's own needs (perceived, misperceived and/or unperceived), thereby promoting the ownership of the initiatives, based on our frameworks, to be with the learners themselves.
Specially designed Technology-enabled Platforms.
We specialize in adopting enabling technology to innovative in designing digital solutions and automating workflow designs — for greater efficiency and effectiveness of our products and services. 
We have utilized our expertise in interaction, technology and work-flow automation design in creating customized digital platforms to drive initiatives based on our Personalized Learning, Assessment & Leadership Development frameworks.
Resource intensiveness traditionally associated with personalized initiatives, and often cited as the biggest barrier to implementing such programs, has been eliminated through these specially designed technology-enabled platforms. 
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Health Professions Leadership Development Model. 
Health District has innovated in designing a brand new Health Professions Leadership Development Model. 
We have designed this Leadership Model to enable individuals in co-creating behavioural objectives that are personalized, as well as competency-based — providing a framework for personalization of leadership development initiatives. 
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