Enabling Individualization of Assessment and Learning.
Co-created with the learners themselves as per their personalized needs.
Towards a new personalized health-based economy, through innovation and advancements in the design and delivery of personalized learning, assessment and leadership programs.
Innovative new framework design encompassing concepts such as competency-based, technology enabled, personalization of learning, assessment and leadership development for lifelong learning of health care professions.
"Tell me more about the framework design for personalized assessment & learning"
Personalized Learning & Assessment Framework has been designed to fulfill the need for individualization of learning. It provides a model for formalized & standardized opportunities for practicing health care professionals to undertake programs based on their own needs; helping them attain and maintain their professional competence.
The framework design has been conceptualized using person-centred and interactive design approach. It also ensures that the curriculum of any initiatives designed based on it encompasses an individual learner’s needs (perceived, misperceived and/or unperceived), thereby promoting the ownership of these initiatives to be with the practitioners themselves.
"How does the framework design actually work?"
The design of the framework for personalized learning & assessment involves undertaking system level improvements. It requires a fundamental shift in culture that presently envelops traditional academic institutes, introducing an innovative new learning contract that emphasizes identification and documentation of individualized learning needs and behavioral objectives as part of competency and quality-based curriculum and assessment tool.
"How would initiatives based on this framework be conducted?"
Enabling technology is critical to successful use of this framework design. We have utilized workflow automation to digitize the framework entirely, eliminating resource intensiveness that is traditionally associated with personalized initiatives.
The conduct of initiatives based on our personalized learning & assessment framework would primarily be the responsibility of the organizations and institutions that adopt our proposed framework model. Health District. has developed a technology enabled platform to automate the framework workflow, thereby enabling our partner organization or institution to easily manage these initiatives in an efficient and cost effective manner. ​​​​​​​
The technology enabled platform designed to automate workflow of the framework ensures that the progress of each learner can be reviewed in a dynamic  manner and in real-time. ​​​​​​​
Field observations are documented by both the learner and the preceptor(s) through individualized electronic “observation notes”. ​​​​​​​
Successful completion of the program is based on achieving proficiency in all the behavioral objectives identified as part of the competency-based individualized curriculum.
"Can we evaluate any initiatives undertaken using Health District's personalized framework design?"
Yes, formalized learner, preceptor and program evaluations are included in the framework designed for any initiatives based on it.
A number of metrics related to evaluation of the program's progress have also been automated in the workflow design of the digital platform specifically designed to drive this framework. 
"What are post-program learning reinforcement activities?"
As part of the commitment-to-change learning contract, the framework design also introduces the concept of post-program learning reinforcement activities, offering learners further opportunities to undertake impact assessment initiatives, reflective exercises, quality improvements activities etc.
"What are the expected outcomes from programs designed using Health District's frameworks for personalized initiatives?"
The ethos of the framework design is to promote a culture of self-assessment of practice, measuring meaningful outcomes, undertaking impact assessment - thereby promoting ownership, self-confidence and personal wellbeing, as well as improving patient safety and health outcomes.
When designing programs and initiatives of continuous learning, it is vital to engage learners themselves in co-creating initiatives as per their identified needs. It is expected that our framework design will enable initiatives that will help drive implementation and adoption strategies in practice, and provide a model for health system sustainability.
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